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KFS - The Swedish Organisation for Local Enterprises

KFS is an employers' organisation for companies in the municipal and county council sector. These companies are both large and small, and are located throughout Sweden.

The KFS has almost 580 enterprises with a total workforce of about
32 000 employees. Our member companies are owned by municipalities and county councils, or are wholy or partly privately owned.

Our member companies represent many important industries: Energy, public transport, street cleansing, waste disposal, water and sewerage systems and road management, as well as property management, parking facilities, leisure and tourism, schools, health care, airports etc.

We work to protect and promote the common interests of our member companies with respect to relations between the companies and their employees. Our aim is to help these companies to be as efficient and competitive as possible.

Our key activities include working out central agreements, striving to adapt collective bargaining agreements to specific industries, offering services in connection with employer-related issues and offering defense in the event of conflicts.

In brief, we must be experts in the latest legislation, in interpreting laws and contracts, and we will be involved in local negotiations at the companies whenever our presence is desired. We also arrange a large number of courses and conferences for our member companies.

The results of our efforts include a number of competitive agreements, such as the various industry agreements, the PA-KFS pension agreement and the KFS Social Security Agreement /Trygghetsavtal.

Working through agreements and applying our expertise, it is our mission to contribute to successful employer strategies for our member companies.

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